Hotel Rita
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Rita's kitchen team

Our experts at the stovetop

Rita’s dedicated staff have learned their craft from scratch and practice it daily to perfection with creativity and a lot of fun: The kitchen team plays a major role in shaping Rita’s sterling reputation. This includes being flexible and friendly when it comes to allergies and alternative forms of nutrition.

Köche bei der Essensausgabe
Down-to-earth & trendy

At the Hotel Rita, enjoy local and Mediterranean classics, inspired by the best of both sides of the Ötztal Alps. From time to time, traditional delicacies are refined in a sophisticated way with a playful touch. The philosophy of our kitchen team is clear: Food should be filling, fun and pleasing to both the palate and the eye.

Schön angerichteter Teller
Fresh from the region

Meat, fish, cheese, smoked ham, eggs, yogurt... The list of specialties that we source from the Ötztal region is long. Even if it is not possible to cover the entire needs of the hotel with regional products, we attach great importance to honest ingredients with short delivery routes and a seasonal emphasis.

Hotel Rita

Great food is a team effort

Behind the pots and pans at the Hotel Rita, real teamwork is the key. Our dedicated young kitchen team prepares every dish with passion. In this way, the routine of craftsmanship is coupled with an inquisitive take on food trends, only the best of which find their way to your plate.

Küchenchef Hotel Rita
The head chef

"Never stand still" is Marcel Falkner's motto. With pride in his local roots, he is always on the lookout for creative new dishes or novel takes on established favourites. Since 2019, the Ötztal-born chef has been putting a smile on the faces of guests at the Hotel Rita with his culinary skills.

Dessert auf Teller
Paar im Restaurant
Köche bei der Arbeit

The enjoyment of great food at the Hotel Rita is complemented by a good glass of wine from our in-house wine cellar. Hostess Magdalena Lengler is a trained sommelière and selects the right wine from amongst the 100 vintage positions on the wine list according to the individual preferences of guests.

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