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Our Wellness-Tips for Hikers:

Invigorating Alpine Herbal Massage with exquisite oils from Strawberry Leaves, Echinacea, Lemon Balm, Peppermint, and much more.

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Arnika Massage – cooling, with increased blood circulation, helps with muscle regeneration, and is very refreshing and invigorating

€ 34,00 25 min

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The ten golden Hiking Rules

Tip 1: Only fit into the mountains  - not getting fit „because of the Mountains"!

Most Alpine accidents occur due to fatigue and exhaustion.  Mountain hikers and climbers need training like all other recreational sport enthusiasts to be properly prepared for the exertion.  In the mountains, this could be a critical factor in survival…

Tip 2: No unplanned hiking tours.

Every mountain tour requires careful planning.  Assemble your necessary equipment thoughtfully and without haste.  Prior to your departure in the morning, have a relaxed breakfast, but don’t overeat.  The mountain top is not conquered on a full stomach.

Tip 3: As you commence your hike, begin by walking slowly for the first 30 minutes.

After that first half hour, the walking speed is solely determined by the weakest member of the group, whose pulse rate should never exceed 130 beats per minute.

Tip 4: Take a 10 minute every 2 hours.

Everyone should eat and drink something at least every two hours, even if not hungry or thirsty.  When experiencing fatigue or exhaustion, immediately take an extensive rest period (if necessary, turn back).  Eat snacks such as bread, biscuits, or chocolate (no glucose) and drink as much as possible.  Rather turn back than force the final ascent to the mountain top with your last strength – consider the descent, which still lies ahead of you.  Misplaced ambition can be deadly!

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Tip 5: While hiking it is important to drink, drink, drink.

This means at every opportunity prior to and during the tour, consume an overall average of 3 liters of liquid.  The frequent drinking of liquids containing mineral salts is the ground rule of hiking and climbing. Alcoholic drinks should be strictly limited, and best is total abstinence.

Tip 6: Do not push the limits of a child’s endurance.

Hikes with children require planning with special care and variety, and should always be verified as child-appropriate.

Tip 7: Take plenty of time to acclimate when starting a hike at 2000 meters above sea level.

The higher the elevation, the more time is required!  Everyone needs to become accustomed to the altitude prior to exertion – otherwise, there may be some nasty surprises.  Pay attention to the warning signals (especially headache, cough, and sleeplessness).

Tip 8: Never underestimate dangerous weather.

The success of a mountain tour hinges upon the weather.  Watch carefully – also prior to departure – the weather development.  If there is a threat of drastic weather change, turn back promptly.  During approaching thunderstorms, seek a sheltered area and vacate mountain ridges and exposed areas.

Tip 9: Always stay on the marked path.

If you get lost, remain calm and composed, and if possible, move to a safe area.  If necessary and possible, stay where you are.  Do not risk anything, and under no circumstances try to force your way down to the valley.  Instead, stay in place and begin with the "Alpine Emergency Signal":  an optical or audio signal 6 times per minute, one minute pause, then 6 times per minute, and so on – until you receive a response.  In addition, if you left information about your route and destination prior to departure, you can be found quickly.  Do not panic if you have an accident!

Tip 10: Even the smallest backpack has room for an emergency kit that should always be with you.

Bivouac sack (thermal bag), spare clothing, flash light, spare batteries, Alpine First Aid Kit


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