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Olivia and the Easter Bunny

Who is hobbling there through our hotel garden?  What are those colorful stones shining under the bushes?  Finally it is green again around the house and my paws are no longer cold when I’m out walking with my mistress – I don’t much like Winter.  But who sneaked into my territory during the cold months?  Long ears and a fuzzy stump of a tail….that is some strange breed of dog…and what is that strange creature stashing all over our hotel garden?

This is where I hide my bones….I’ll have to teach that rude interloper a lesson.  Every one of my friendly efforts to get acquainted has gone badly….I guess I need to hide and catch the little “Hobbler” in the act.  Somehow, he must be in cahoots with my mistress.  Every time I sniff at the colorful objects spread all over the garden, she scolds me with a loud “Pfui, Olivia!”

And I didn’t even do anything.  I’m just trying to find out what is going on here.  It is all very strange…..I remember last year:  The funny Hobbler was visiting then too – around the same time of the year – at that time, they told me he is the Easter Bunny…..he brings gifts……ah, now I remember 100%!  He brought a new collar for me!  What is it going to be this year?  Treats?  A new plush doggie bed or a new stuffed animal?  I’m full of curiosity and look forward to a wonderful Easter Holiday and have no more objections to the rodent nesting in my territory!

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